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NOW AVAILABLE: Priority African Language Interpreters

Introducing African Language Services Australia; we are a provider agency headquartered in Sydney, Australia. We provide language services for government and non-government organisations, businesses, and individuals.

Ulearnable Language Services Australia is excited to announce the launch of our in-house Priority African language interpreters now available in the following African languages:

•    Swahili (Ki-Swahili from Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda)
•    Swahili (Congo Swahili, Burundi, Rwanda)
•    Lingala (Congo, DRC)

We are taking priority interpreting booking for the following modes of delivery:
•    Telephone interpreter
•    Video interpreter
•    Onsite / Face-to-face interpreter

Priority availability:
•    On demand / urgent interpreter
•    Pre booked interpreter
•    Sessional regular interpreter

With our Sessional regular interpreter booking, you have a dedicated priority interpreter on standby for you.

Use the following contact details to book for our priority accredited, highly experienced, and fully insured interpreters:
[email protected]
1300 677 039

Ulearnable Language Services Australia Team